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Why Should We Think Before Speaking And Acting?

Before you speak, think:

T– if is True?

H– is it Helpful?

I– is it Inspiring?

N-is it Necessary?

K– is it Kind?”

“Taste your words before spiting them out.”

These are some quotes and thoughts that you will see in your internet search, but is it easy to think before you speak, especially in some emotional distress? We have been told since young that thinking before speaking is a virtue, and this is one virtue that only some possess.

It should be understood that for those impulse speakers, keeping calm and then speaking is rather challenging. The damage that words do when said on impulse cannot be taken back. There are many times where we just say things which we do not mean to and then add this statement –“Sorry, I was not thinking, I take my statement back.” By saying this, you not only re-enforce the negativity that you have spread, but you also do some damage to your relationship with others.

Let’s take a second and reflect on how our speech presents us? If you speak soft and gentle words, people would perceive you as someone who is rather thoughtful and polite. If you were to speak before you think and speak up on impulse, you would only spread a negative image for yourself, no matter how good of a person you are by heart.

How to think before speaking?

  1. Do not speak whatever comes to your mind.

Take a few seconds to screen your thoughts. If you speak on impulse, more often then not, you will also act before you think. These habits will not only make you suffer within your relationships, but you will also face social isolation with your negative behavior.

  1. When you are angry try not to speak at all.

speaking on impulse

If you feel strongly about the situation, then speaking in heat might make things even worse. Try tackling the situation when you are calm and collected.

People will only understand your point of view once or twice, but if you keep speaking on impulse, nobody will want to talk to you. One practice that you can do is to try consciously closing your mouth when it opens on impulse. This will give you some added seconds to comprehend and phrase your thoughts in a more positive manner. This is the power of the mind. You can change and improvise on your thoughts in seconds.

Another aspect of this situation is that you need to also do some intense thinking before acting. It is easy to throw a punch or two when you are angry, but before you act, always think. Can it be solved without violence? We must think before you act and speak. It is always mandatory that we spread positivity with our words and actions.